Our food is as local as possible, ingridients are both international and traditional, but prepared in a new and interesting way. Our menus are very seasonal and we chage often.


we are pleased to introduce the CHEF’S TASTING MENU.
We can create a wonderful menu
with selected dishes created by chef & owner Marko Pavčnik
– the best our kitchen has to offer, for the best of prices.
How much to try.. is up to you. The selection of dishes can also be made by you.
The only condition is that everyone at the table eats the same.

I. CHEF’S MENU 34,00 € *vegan   44,00  €
(4 courses: appetizer, soup, main course, dessert)
II. CHEF’S MENU  42,00 € *vegan   54,00 €
(5 courses: appetizer, soup, warm appetizer, main course and dessert)
III. CHEF’S MENU  58,00 €
(7 courses: 2 appetizers, soup, 2 warm appetizers, main course and dessert)                               IV. CHEF’S MENU (10 courses)   79,00 €


* vegan menu available only if specified at reservation


Cold starters

Dimljena postrv /Pivov ponzu / Redkev  / Postrvin kaviar / Polenta
Smoked trout / Beer ponzu / Radish / Trout roe / Polenta
8,90 €
Dimljen jelen / Dehidrerane maline / Omaka maline / Prah gosjih jeter
Domač vložen črni oreh
Smoked deer / Dehydrated raspberries / Raspberry sauce / Fois- gras powder
Our pickled black wallnut
9,80 €



Pavusova juha spomladanskih divjih zelišč
Soup of wild spring herbs
4,90 €



Hot starters

Cvetača / Tartufova krema / Lešniki
Cauliflower / Truffle cream / Hazelnuts
8,90 €
Poširano jajce / pire mlade čebulice / Tempura divjih zelišč
 Sotirani šparglji / Pena
Poached egg / Spring onions puree / Wild herbs tempura
Sautéed asparagus / Espuma
9,80 €
Raviol klobase kožarice / Kokošja redukcija / Kopriva / Lešniki
Ravioli  filled with sausage / Hen reduction / Nettle / Hazelnuts
9,60 €
Lignji / Krompirjeva pena / Regrat / Želiran ponzu / Kvas
Baby squid / Potato espuma / Dandelion / Ponzu jelly / Yeast
8,90 €


Main courses

Ramstek / Pastinak / Štrukelj pregrete smetane
Vitlof v panceti / Pivova omaka
Rump steak / Parsnips / “Štrukelj” with overheated cream
Chicory with bacon / Beer sauce
22,80 €
File jagenjčka / Maslo divjega pastinaka / Čemaževa polenta
Pire črnega česna / Beluši / Omaka
Lamb fillet / Wild parsnips butter / Wild garlic polenta / Asparagus
22,80 €
File srne / Pire hruške in zelene / Oreh in črni oreh / Smrekov kroket
Deer fillet / Pears and celery puree / Walnut and black walnut / Spruce croquet
22,80 €
File smuča / Krema dimljene postrvi 
Ravioli pečenega česna / Korenje / Šparglji
Perch fillet / Smoked trout cream / Ravioli with backed garlic / carrots / Asparagus
18,90 €

Solata sezonska
Mix seasonal salad
Mala / Small 3,30 €    Velika / Large 4,80 €


Sweet indulgence

Čokoladni brownie/ Višnjev sorbet /Vanilji krema
Čokoladni luflle in pena
Chocolate brownie / Sour cherry sorbet / Vanilla cream
Chocolate luffle and foam
6,50 €
Pomarančni kolač in sorbet / Pena pomarančnega cveta
Čokoladna omaka s tonko
Roasted chestnut cream / Sorbet grapes / Rum jelly
6,50 €
Pehtranov  biskvit / Sorbet hruške / Krema pregrete smetane
Karamelni čips
Tarragon sponge cake / Sorbet pear / Overheated cream / Caramel chips
6,50 €
Temen čokoladni narastek polnjen s pomarančo/ Sorbet kisle smetane
Chocolate soufflé with oranges filling /Sour cream sorbet
7,50 €
Tris domačih sorbetov ali sladoledov
Trio of the Chef's sorbets or ice creams
5,50 €



Standard dishes

Mesnine bližnjih mesarjev / Siri Podpečanove kmetije /Hišna vložena zelenjava
Local cured meat / Cheese selection –farm Podpečan /Pickled vegetables      
8,80 €
Goveja juha z rezanci
Beef soup with noodles                                                                             
3,80 €
Piščančji file / Sez zelenjava s slanino / Pečen krompir / Lahka tartufova omaka
Chicken fillet / Vegetables  with bacon / Baked potatoes / Light truffle sauce
 13,20 €
Ramstek na žaru  / Krompir / Sezonska zelenjava
Grilled rump steak   / Potatoes / Seasonal vegetables
20,80 €
Krožnik morja – file bele ribe, lignji, gamberi, krompir, zelenjava
Sea plate – White fish fillet, grilled calamari, shrimp, potatoes, vegetables        
19,50 €
Fuži testenine / Hobotnica / Gamberi
Garganelli pasta / Octopus / Shrimp
13,00 €
Cezarjeva solata – zelena solata, piščančje rezine ali rakci, kruhove kocke, parmezan, češnjev paradižnik, majonezni preliv
Caesar salad –Lettuce, sliced chicken breast or shrimp, croutons,
parmesan, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise dressing                                                            
s piščancem /with chicken     9,50 €
z rakci  / with shrimp  11,50 €
Children's menus
Juha /  Glavna jed po dogovoru z natakarjem – ocvrt piščanec & krompir, različne testenine..
Soup / Main course (please consult the waiter – deep-fried chicken & potatoes, various pasta..)
10,00 €


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